Welcome To OCM Enterprise

Our company located at Taman Industri Makmur, Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia.

“We started our business since Year 1996 & specialist in F.R.P COMPOSITE INDUSTRY. We are customer focused organizations which have the continuing desire to provide products and services that meet expectations. It is always our aim to achieve individual customer delight.Price is only element of the equation and not necessarily the most important.

Our job is satisfying Our customers: – quality, delivery and then the price in that order.”

We Specialize In Water Slider

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Your premier composite product

As one of the country’s leading utilities, our expertise in Composite Product comes naturally. We’ve been the premier provider of Composite Product for our long term client for more than 25 years.

Design and product selection
expertise provided at  no additional charge.

We’ll walk you through our product catalog and explain the pros and cons of each fixture and design. Our experienced and skilled team designers will complete a product drawing. It’s all included – and all part of what you can expect from your product and features.

Premium quality products that
meet utility industry standards.

We lead the industry with our rigorous technical and safety specifications for our product. Not a composite expert? You don’t have to be. We do the design, we will ensure you have the low cost, best quality and best options for your needs.

Expert assistance in meeting all
local ordinances.

As a well-known and trusted composite product provider for more than 25 years, we understand your needs – and all local ordinances, requirements and permits. Let us do the worrying for you.


Tenaga Nasional

CIDB Malaysia