FRP Grating

Fiberglass is a material that has been found very useful in some trench drain grating applications.  This strong, lightweight material is easily fabricated into grating for custom drain applications.  It’s chemical and corrosion resistance puts it in a class with stainless steel, while being more cost effective.  Think of using fiberglass grating in drains, kitchen drains, Wastewater treatment platform or drains exposed to salt water or coastal environments.


* High strength * No sparks
* High strength to weight ratio * Attractive Design
* Light weight * Durable
* Easy  installation * Long service life
* Impact Resistance * Smooth surface
* Fire Resistant Options * Inbuilt colour
* Chemical Resistant Options * Various Colors Options
* Corrosion Resistant * Flexibility
* Non-Magnetic * Economy
* Electrically Non conductive * Zero Maintenance
* Thermally Non conductive * ZERO Scrap Value