FRP Trash Screen

OCM FRP Trash Screen Grating as compared with other floor materials like Metal, PVC or RCC, provides a series of benefits, unmatched superior impact resistance, while the strength-weight ratio is only one fourth of that of steel gratings. Hence FRP gratings are easy to handle, cut and install and can be customized to customer’s requirements as per site condition, utility application and weathering conditions.


* High strength * No sparks
* High strength to weight ratio * Attractive Design
* Light weight * Durable
* Easy  installation * Long service life
* Impact Resistance * Smooth surface
* Fire Resistant Options * Inbuilt colour
* Chemical Resistant Options * Various Colors Options
* Corrosion Resistant * Flexibility
* Non-Magnetic * Economy
* Electrically Non conductive * Zero Maintenance
* Thermally Non conductive * ZERO Scrap Value